Portraits From the Pens

Portraits in the Pens is a video series showcasing the members of the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria. As one of the oldest yacht clubs in Australia they have a lot of stories to share and we want you to hear them!

If you know anyone who could make a good contribution to the series (whether it be in front of or behind the camera) please let us know by emailing editor@rycv.asn.au.

We'd like to thank RYCV member Brad Collis for his hard work filming and producing the videos, and also to Communications Sub-Committee Chair Elizabeth Johnston for her support.

You can watch all of the current episodes on our RYCV YouTube Channel or by clicking each of the links below.

New episodes will be announced as they are released in E-News.

Episode 1: Peter Digby

Episode 2: Graeme West

Episode 3: Ferdi Darley

Episode 4: International Cadets

Episode 5: Louis Schofield

Episode 6: Cath Beaufort (Coming Soon!)