Yard and Marina Updates

Changes to Yard Staff and Operations

Most members will by now know that Steve, our Yard Manager for the past few
years is now no longer with the Club. Joel has agreed to take on the responsibiliies of Yard Manager until we can formalise our new structure. Max has been working in the yard for the past few months with Joel, and this will continue. We will also be appointing a new staff member in the yard to assist Joel and Max.

We are currently reviewing our operations in the yard to more clearly meet
our OH&S responsibilities. This will require a number of changes not only by our staff, but also our members. We must be aware the railed yard and hard stand areas are hazardous working areas. Thus all staff, owners and visitors must wear high visibility clothing when on the western hardstand. This area has both a forklift and travel lift operating on a daily basis during the week, and our drivers must be given the best opportunity to see anyone in the area.

Members and guests are asked not to enter the work areas during work hours. We currently have temporary fencing around the hard stand work areas, and we
plan to make this more permanent.

We also now have a traffic management plan (traffic management on site was
identified as a risk by Worksafe during their recent visit). This basically means that members must not park their cars anywhere apart from the car park.

Thanks you for your understanding with these changes, they are so that we
can develop a safer working environment for our staff, members and guests.

Slipping Forms

The Club is embarking on a number of changes to our processes in the yard operations so that members will receive an improved service. All future boat lifts will require a fully completed Slipping Form and lodge with the office before the commencement of any work. Slipping forms are available on the Club website and from the office.

The office will undertake a number of checks, including currency of appropriate insurance. If you have not already supplied insurance details to the Club please do so at your earliest convenience. Once the checks are complete and deemed satisfactory, the authorised slipping request will be forwarded to our Acting Yard Manager Joel. We ask owners to assist with this change so that we can provide a better service to all members.