Royals Training Centre


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 - Level 2 First Aid Course

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Through the Royals Training Centre, the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria aims to become the premier Sailing School in Melbourne and offers a range of training options for everyone that is interested in Sailing or Boating. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, whether you wish to race or cruise, If you have a yacht, powerboat or Off the Beach Dinghy we can tailor your training to suit.  We offer training in Off the beach Dinghy's, keelboats and Powerboats, as well as various short courses such as first aid and Diesel Maintenance.

To book in or more information contact Ian Fox via email or call 9397 1277

Level 2 First Aid Course (Sailing Focus)

No need to venture into the city or an accredited centre.  The course will be helf here at the yacht club.  It will be tailored for the sailing commuinty so a lot more useful then the regular first aid courses.


Contact Ian Fox for more information or 0413 615 874

Elliott Boat Hire 

Some members have booked an Elliott already for the Summer season. This is a cheap way to skipper a boat without having to own a boat yourself and enjoy the racing series with your crew or just enjoy a leisurely sail.  All you need to do is contact Ian Fox to get pre-approval (ie that you are competant, have crane operators license etc) then he will provide you with the necessary paper work needed to complete the hire process. Rates are $30 per race if you are doing a series OR $60 if you are just taking it out for a casual/leisurely sail.

To book in or more information contact Ian Fox via email or call 9397 1277


School Programs
Programs are available for school sports, holidays, after school, youth regattas and outdoor education programs. All school programs incorporate a progressive learning syllabus, teaching team work, boat handling, safety procedures (including man overboard), simple meteorology, yacht maintenance, terminology, knots and other rope work. These all combine to provide excellent life skills.

The Club
The Royal Yacht Club of Victoria, established in 1853, is the senior yacht club in Australia. Located in historic Williamstown, it has a proud history of bay and ocean racing, long distance ocean cruising and is in the forefront of larger keel boat racing in Victoria. Teaching sailing has been an intrinsic part of our history since 1872.


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