Safety Declaration Forms 2017-21

Australian Sailing (AS) Safety Audit Forms 2017-2021 

Please note: ALL certificates lapsed on 30 June 2017. Renewals need to be completed PRIOR to any more sailing activity.

The Australian Sailing forms have been updated for 2017 -2021 and you can download them from Australian Sailing  and copies are available at the office.

It is the boat owners responsibility to ensure compliance with these rules.

Come and see Amelia at the office if you need any help or email her.
Direct number is 03 8383 1972.

Electronic copies emailed to Amelia are the preferred way to get your forms to us, but hard copy is still OK. 

The '3 step' Complete Safety Declaration Process: 

2. Sign all parts of AS Safety Audit Form (2017-2021 version)

  • Race category circled
  • Every page signed 

For AS Safety Audit forms, download the most appropriate category for your vessel:

2. RYCV Safety Audit: Remember to put boat name and member name on it!!

  • Signed VHF radio part
  • Signed OH&S part
  • Signed Man Over Board drill
  • Hard stand only – copy of lifting equipment (slings) certificate 

For the RYCV Safety Audit form, see: RYCV Safety Audit form 2017

3. Insurance

  • Copy of current certificate of insurance (whether racing or not)  

Issue of stickers 

Once ALL the above has been done and checked by office staff, you can collect your Category sticker from the office.


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