Doll crew at Southport
Doll crew at Southport

 Looking for Crew in the Summer season ??

Email here if you have a message to add.
Crew Wanted / Melbourne


Alien is looking for crew....  we will expect to have spots for bay racing this season plus offshore opportunities early next year– KingIsland, Port Fairy &Apollo Bay. Please email justin if you are interested.


Terry Posma (Jaffa) is looking for crew. He is keen on doing the race down tp Geelong Saturday 9 September (which as I understand it is a regular ORCV race) – plus he is keen to do the women’s helm / navigator event on the return leg on Sunday 10 September. Any women who are interested in participating in Sundays race, please contact Terry on 0414 810 544


I am seeking two additional crew to assist in sailing Malcolm Mohrs yacht "Independent Endeavour" from Sandringham to Hobart departing Sandringham YC (Victoria) around  the 22/2 and arriving Hobart around 21/3.

We are a participant in the Choices Flooring 2017 VDLC  

We already have 4 regular crew members of the yacht participating in this section of the cruise however I would like two more as we have 3 overnight sails for this section of the voyage.

The yacht is a comfortable ocean going ketch rigged Swan 65 and weighs around 35 tonnes. 

Any new additional crew members would need to have had some exposure to ocean sailing be reasonably physically fit and agile on board as all deck winches are currently manually operated.

They would also have some exposure to living in reasonably confined spaces on board for the duration of this section of the circumnavigation- (1 month). 

Should you happen to know of two suitable persons who would like to join us it would be prudent for them to visit Sandringham YC to view the yacht and meet existing crew members as soon as possible.

It is also envisaged that they would make a small financial contribution for food, beverages and fuel whilst on board. Chris Hunting. Tel: 03 9598 9834.


17/12/2016 -Empara

Concerned about the hurly burly/tension of sailing Saturdays or twilights? Solution sail Wednesday afternoons. Have a lunch at the Club, and partake in the highly competitive trivia quiz
Then about 2.00 pm board the good ship Empara ( a Sydney 32) to sail in the staggered start summer and winter series.
Don’t be fooled, we are serious and competitive. We came second in the first series of the current Summer competition in spite of a very unfair handicap.
The  spine of crew is “mature”/ experienced and will teach any newcomers to the sport. Age is no bar but a modicum of agility is desirable.
Our sailing is exhilarating but normally not life threatening. Join us and have some fun.
If interested contact me, Peter Abrahams 0407728059

25/11/16 “Outsider” a 36ft Farr 1104 is looking for 2 or 3 keen fit sailors (with some experience) to join our regular crew. We are currently sailing the Wednesday twilight series, Sunday Tripe & Onions and some Saturday races. We are a friendly crew who enjoy a laugh and the competition. If you are interested please contact Jackie 0417 996 621

Looking to crew 


Wayne Seaward looking to crew on the weekend passage race. Contact 0448 326 688.


German / Australian sporty couple in early 30s.


Not much experience sailing, but love the ocean (we surf and kite surf) and are keen to learn! 


Yannick is an engineer and Mary is a law grad. We are quick thinkers and take instructions well. Athletic builds, 80kgs and 50kgs.  


Available weekends. Contact



Looking to crew on Wednesday or Thursday twilight sails and as a backup for Saturdays.  

Sailed around 12-15 times at Geelong, RYCV, doing trimming.  Pretty keen to build experience.  

Con Kassis, Mobile: 0417 384581, Email: 




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